90s-Inspired Makeup Look for Today | Sephora Routines + Rituals
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Ok, this look is still amazing as ever [heart eyes] #SephoraSquad member Laura a

90s-Inspired Makeup Look for Today | Sephora Routines + Rituals

- Love the makeup look but I don’t think it looks very 90’s though. Great video ❤️
- Adorable, so cute, so sweet, thank you both💜
- Your delightful Laura & your daughter is a credit to you! X
- Awww beautiful 😍 Happy Mother’s Day Laura!!
- 90's? o ok...
- I am so blessed this Mother’s Day to have this. Thank you Sephora.

I wish love for all the moms and caretakers - those who have moms and babies and also those who have lost moms and babies - also, it takes more than giving birth to be mom. I wish everyone peace.
- Happy Mother's Day, Y'all! Laura, you look gorgeous, as always! And Brittany is beautiful like her mama!!!💗💗💗
- I hope that Brittany really loves and cherishes the makeup look her Mom did for her today. She looks stunning!! We don’t have our Mother’s around for very long once we mature, so I hope that this moment bonded Laura and her daughter, Brittany closer together. This video was awesome to watch. You are a good Mom, Laura & Happy Mother’s Day! 💐
- Both are so beautiful! 💞💞
- I thought your daughter was a teenager! Great genes, she must get them from you.
- Jak coś możecie też i tu szukać http://gonieclubelski.pl - może i więcej, ale czy ok?
- Cute mother and daughter duo🥰
I Wish My mom was that cool ..
- 29!?!? She looks 19👍. Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome Moms🙏
- I guess the huge brow look is compensati g for the 90's no brow look. Cute video!❤
- Mother/daughter beauties 😍😍🥰🥰💋💋💋💋
- My ambition is as high as Laura's brows. ❤️
- Lies ya tell! Her foundation matches her skin. Nobody’s foundation matched their skin in the 90s.
- Stunning!
- Gosh I really wish my mother and I had this kind of close, healthy relationship. 🤦🏻‍♀️