Himanta Biswa Sarma elected as the next Chief Minister of Assam
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After days of speculation, BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma was elected as the nex

Himanta Biswa Sarma elected as the next Chief Minister of Assam

- architect of asshole poriborton
- next time..... population control act. most important
- Good very good 👍
- Congrats sir
- Not Bengal he is the CM of Assam. Bengal and Assam is different.
- Assam bhi hain in India why you told Bengal
- হিমন্ত দা জিন্দাবাদ
- Hope that under his leadership he can resolved the long pending Border Disputes with different North Eastern States.
- of bengal .. 0:56 ??
- Well deserved person to become cm of assam
- Great News👍👍Congrats to Biswa Sir to become CM of Assam..Great leader👍👍..Hope he gets to take care of overall north east from WB to Arunachal and may be India Someday🙏🙏
- Bjp wl b downfalll frm now...cruel cm
- Next CM of Bengol 😀😀😀
- Congratulations Sir
- Next chief minister of Bengal 😂😂
- Congratulations himanta biswa Sharma ji
- Himanta'e aibar assam khom khabo. . .. . .
- Does this journalist has geographical knowledge, It's Assam not Bengal... Ask them to tell all 29 States Names & 7 UT of India with their Capital...I'm sure they can't say.
- BJP breaking covid protocol see
- JP Not not fit for the top Post. Nitin should replace him if BJP is to last it's second term