Romain Grosjean To Test For Mercedes At Circuit Paul Ricard
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Seven months on from his crash in Bahrain, Romain Grosjean will make his return

Romain Grosjean To Test For Mercedes At Circuit Paul Ricard

- It's would have been better if they give Romain one free practise session. We would have seen his lap times against other F1 drivers.
- Romain Grosjean is a warrior. Glad to see him back in F1. Great driver. Respect to him and Toto Wolf.
- Awesome to have him back
- Whst is that thing, Romain got on his ears?
- Jaja clave el tapaboca del pelado
- toto looks tired😂😂😂
- Crowdstrike (US intelligence cover outfit) sponsor!
- Nooooooooooooooo just get him far away from the sport. FFS, they could have got so many better, more composed and faster drivers. This guy has always been a hazard. This is the downfall of Mercedes
- I wonder how much the damage deductions will cost after his crash
- Toto has stolen the show🙏🙏
- Just hazarding a guess, but 2022 Mercedes line-up might be Russell and Grosjean.

Not sure where I first thought this or how it came to me. Just a hunch.
- looks to be wearing nicos old suit
- I'm so happy to see Romain in an amazing car!
- 😨
- 😨
- Ufo at 0:06
- Anyone else notice how Romain has the Belgian flag not the French flag
- How does it feel to get back in a Formula 1 car? “Amazing because it’s a Mercedes.”
- Formula 1 sure knows how to come out of nowhere with news like that, I sure did not see that one coming. Great for him.
- everyone at Mercedes gangster until this guy in the pink mask pulls up 0:32